[draft] Deconstructing Whipping Girl: A Critical Commentary

This book is basically a reading companion to Julia Serano’s, Whipping Girl. It is a close, critical reading of that text. In some cases I’m responding the idea immediately at hand, at others I’m trying to critique what I perceive as her theoretical framework (I use the word ‘ontology’ a lot in this book).

Originally, this was going to be part of a larger project to read other books in the (white) transgender canon. But I’m not sure I’ll be reading anything else. This book in particular might’ve been a bad place to start bc it’s boring (which is also why you’re getting this as a draft rather than a published work, I just can’t motivate myself to finish editing the second half. Especially when I wasn’t even going to write that part bc I was too bored with this project.).

Hopefully this will still be of some use.